Certified Scrum Master

This Online course teaches Agile and Scrum concepts for participants to comfortably implement Agile principles and Scrum methodology in their projects. The participant on passing the scrum master certification will be a certified scrum master with the ability of handling and implementing scrum in his team.

16 hrs

  • Agile practices and apply Scrum methodology for software development.
  • Write user stories.
  • Perform Scrum Release Planning, and Scrum Sprint Planning.
  • Estimate user stories and tasks using Poker Estimation.
  • Deconstruct user stories into tasks and ideal day estimates
  • Carryout a sprint with Daily Scrum Meetings.
  • End a Sprint with Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Use Scrum as a tool for improving collaboration, communication, quality, and team productivity
  • Use Scrum with multiple, or distributed, project teams.

Programmers, Testers, System Analysts and Solution Architects

    Module-1: Agile Concepts

  • Traditional Vs Agile Approach
  • Agile manifesto
  • Agile Principles

    Module-2: Introduction to Scrum

  • Applicability of Scrum?
  • Empiricism
  • Overview of Scrum Process(Basics)
    1. Scrum Roles
    2. Scrum Artifacts
    3. Scrum ceremonies
    4. How product owner communicates the requirements to the scrum team.
    5. Sprint commitment by team
    6. Time boxing the sprint.
    7. Sprint execution
    8. Daily Scrum
    9. Sprint Release
    10. Demo of sprint to the product owner
    11. Sprint Retrospective

    Module-3: Scrum in live

  • Product Backlog creation
    1. Understanding User stories
    2. INVEST Concepts
    3. User story estimation (using planning poker)
    4. Exercise with one team for better understanding of planning poker
    5. Product backlog Prioritization
  • Sprint Planning
    1. Product Owner and Team Identification
    2. Sprint Goal
    3. Sprint Backlog creation
    4. Estimation of Sprint Backlog items
    5. Understanding of Velocity
  • Using Velocity to make release planning

    Module-4: Understanding team behaviors expected in Scrum

  • Game to understand advantage of multi skilling – Dot’s and Color Pens
  • Game to understand reality of velocity / do things differently – Passing Ball
  • Game to understand importance of continuous testing – Blocks game

    Module-5: Sprint execution using POP application

  • Execution of Sprint 1 – One Hour
  • Sprint 1 Demo – 2/3 min per team (10 min)
  • Sprint 1 retrospective – 5 min for team, 10 min feedback and review
  • Sprint Planning for Sprint -2
  • Sprint goal creation
  • Sprint backlog creation
  • Sprint 2 execution – One Hour
  • Sprint 2 Demo – 2/3 min per team (10 min)
  • Sprint 2 retrospective – 5 min for team, 10 min feedback and review

    Module-6: Beyond Basics

  • Scrum workflow zigzag game – 10 min
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Scrum in Distributed Location
  • Tools for Agile
  • ScrumBut
  • Questions and Answer
  • If time permits Scrum myths